Lamar Middle School Demolition Project

Lamar Middle School Demolition Project

A portion of a school building will no longer exist after almost 80 years of education.
LAMAR, MO.--- A portion of a school building will no longer exist after almost 80 years of education. School administrators say the old building was lacking amenities like heat and air conditioning and just needed to be upgraded.

"The majority of the needs took place because of an efficiency system that took place in our heating and air. Structurally the building was safe for students, but it was time for an upgrade," said Zach Harris, Lamar Schools Superintendent. 

Lamar Schools Superintendent Zach Harris says the building also had asbestos in it. He says the new facility will provide a safer environment, a new gymnasium, classrooms, a superintendents office and band room.

"The band room will be a safe room that will house up to 650 students, so we're excited about that piece," said Harris. 

Harris tells us the the old Lamar Middle School was first constructed in the 1930's. 

"There's also two or three other building additions that have taken place, some in the 50's and some in the 60's that are being taken care of in the demolition," said Harris. 

Which is why Harris calls the demolition a bitter-sweet project.

"For me, as one who had the opportunity to go through this school, I've heard many stories. When you're talking 80 years of education and 80 years of life's that have been molded in this school, it's bitter sweet," said Harris. 

He says the community and the school are looking forward to the new memories that will be made by today's generation. In the meantime, Harris has encouraged teachers to share stories with their students. 

"This school has played a big part in this town and community, just the whole history piece behind it," said Harris. 

The demolition will be completed before kids get back from Thanksgiving break. The new facilities should be ready by next August, just in time for the new school year. 

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