Lamar Couple Volunteers on Christmas

Lamar Couple Volunteers on Christmas

For two volunteers, the season of giving means passing along something they learned when they needed help the most.
LAMAR, MO.--- Dewayne and Caroline Kirkpatrick spent Christmas afternoon serving meals to their community and those in need.

"When it comes down right to it, were all part of the same family.  Were in this thing together," says Dewayne Kirkpatrick

"There is so many people that suffer during this time of year.  Anything we can do to lighten the load, we want to do that," says Caroline Kirkpatrick

The Kirkpatricks say helping those in need is also a way of giving back.  Countless people stepped in to help them when they lost their home in the 2011 Joplin tornado.

"We weren't hurt.  There was glass, debris, everything.  We probably lost 75 percent of our belongings," says Caroline Kirkpatrick.

With nothing but a torn home, the Kirkpatricks relied on the kindness of others.

"It was just a constant stream of every kind of help imaginable," says Dewayne Kirkpatrick  

What was once important was no longer a big deal.

"In the matter of two minutes, you realize those are just things and stuff.  We have eachother.  What more could we ask for," says Caroline Kirkpatrick.

The Kirkpatricks moved to Lamar and started attending United Methodist Church.  When it was time to sign up for this year's Christmas community meal, the couple knew it was an opportunity to return the favor.

"Just feel like after all the help we received, I need to do something to pass it on," says Caroline Kirkpatrick.

"There's something we can do.  To help somebody, who maybe they'll turn around and pass it along to someone else," says Dewayne Kirkpatrick.

Whether it's something big or little, the couple is just pleased to do anything they can to help.

"Just to be able to be a part of it, doing something, it's just really rewarding to me," says Dewayne Kirkpatrick

"We're just glad to be a part.  A small part," says Caroline Kirkpatrick.
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