King Jack Park Development Projects

King Jack Park Development Projects

Many projects are ongoing at King Jack Park in Webb City and you have the chance to help with development.
WEBB CITY, MO.--- If you drive through King Jack Park in Webb City, you may have noticed a few new sites.

"We have several projects that we are working on," said Tom Reeder, Parks and Recreation Development. 

Webb City Parks and Recreation Director Tom Reeder says city workers just finished building two ponds on the south end of the park, but they are still filling in the Sucker Flat Pit -- which was once used for mining. 

"EPA's come in, we've put some large pipes in to drain out the excess water. We are beginning to finalize the final fill of this pit up front," said Reeder. 

He says once it is filled, the city will own 23 additional acres of park land. The Sucker Flat Project should be finished in the next six to eight months and then they'll start the landscaping

"We're involved in a program right now with the University of Missouri and Drury University up in Springfield. We're having some architecture students do a visionary design for us and we're excited about that," said Reeder. 

Reeder says right now they're in the process of finalizing bids for two new playgrounds. One for children up to five years old and the other for children ages five to twelve.

"It will be our first ADA compliant playground area for the City of Webb City, so it will be accessible to all ages of children," said Reeder.

He says the goal for the next 5 to 15 years is to utilize the park for not just children but for everyone in the community.

"We're going to basically walk with our citizens in this community from the time they're born until the time they leave. We need to offer programs for every stage of life and every ability that people have," said Reeder. 

There's also a new housing development called Alpine Estates on the west side of the park. Reeder says as the community grows so will King Jack Park.

"So as the park itself is being cleaned up and utilized by more and more people, we're actually seeing some tremendous development in this area of town," said Reeder.

If you'd like to share your thoughts on how you would like King Jack Park to develop, the city is holding a public meeting on September 24th at the Webb City 66 Event Center.

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