Keeping Your New Year's Resolution

Keeping Your New Year's Resolution

When the clock hits midnight Tuesday night, more than 40% of Americans will continue a yearly tradition.
JOPLIN, MO.--- When the clock hits midnight Tuesday night, more than 40% of Americans will continue a yearly tradition. As we turn the calendar over into a new year, millions of people will come up with ways to improve their lives. One of the most popular resolutions is to lose weight

"The main thing that will help them is if they set out a routine. They come to the gym at the same time everyday and establish that routine, they are a lot more willing to be faithful," said Lori Jones, YMCA Associate Executive Director. 

More than 40% of Americans will have a New Years resolution. 365 days later, studies show only 8% of those people will achieve their goal. 

"I just think it is all about our state of mind. We think that we are busy and we don't know how to prioritize the things to accomplish what we really desire," said Jones.
"I think when you look at goal setting, not very many people are good at setting goals," said Dr. Del Camp, Ozark Center. 

Mental health experts say people tend to set goals too high and difficult to reach.

"If I, for example, eat sweets way to often. I know what I want to say right off the bat, I'm gonna quit eating all sweets. I think maybe what I want to do is three days out of five, three days out of seven, I'm not gonna eat sweets," said Dr. Camp. 

One suggestion is to break down your resolution into smaller time frames

"Every week look at how well I did to meet where I need to be. So you didn't miss your resolution, because every week your going to reassess where you are in it. It gives you the opportunity to find out what worked, what didn't work without having the part of the your brain that says you messed up," said Dr. Camp. 

More importantly, make your resolution a priority.

"Accountability and consistency. That you would find the time, you would protect that time, write it on your planner, and treat it like an appointment you would have at your work," said Jones. 

Another tip when coming up with your resolution, keep it positive. Don't focus on what you are losing, but what you are getting.
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