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Kansas Reading Roadmap Initiative

The goal is to help students in elementary school reach grade level reading by involving the schools and parents.
PITTSBURG, KS.--- An organization travels to Pittsburg State University to help improve reading rates in elementary students. The Families and School Together Program hosted a presentation for the "Reading Roadmap" initiative Governor Brownback announced in October. The goal is to help students in elementary school reach grade level reading by involving the schools and parents. At Pitt State, the talk inside the Governors Room at Overman Hall was about how to improve reading in young students.

"We're really here to help children be successful. That's really our goal, to help children be successful in school and their lives," said Carol Goedken, Families and School Together CEO. 

"Education is a primary focus for us in the United States and it's the root in success for children. We want to give them the tools they need to succeed," said Lauren Faehl, Save the Children Director.

Last October, Governor Brownback announced a "Reading Roadmap" initiative to help improve reading proficiency among Kansas grade school students.

"Reading is really just the core of all education. By addressing reading, we are really giving Kansas children the chance to succeed in life," said Faehl.

The family and schools together organization held a presentation Monday that stressed parent involvement. 

"It really just strengthens that parent/child bond. It also strengthens that parents connection back to the school, which ultimately helps children do better in school," said  Goedken. 

Goedken says while the fast program is new to the area, it has actually helped start family engaging programs across the country for 25 years 

"Teachers report that children have had improvement in their behavior, able to focus, able to do well in school academically," said Goedken.

Goedken said children need help from multiple sides to be successful.

"We're really building a community of support around the child, working with the school to partner together to make the child successful in school," said Goedken.

Representatives from "Save the Children" were also there today and they said they will have after school reading programs in Southeast Kansas that will start this month. They will also host summer programs as well.
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