Kansas Legislators Tour Pittsburg State University

Kansas Legislators Tour Pittsburg State University

The state officials goal is to build better relations with Kansas educational institutions.
PITTSBURG, KS.--- Kansas legislators were on Pitt State's campus as a part of their University Tour. Legislators are leading the tour around the State of Kansas, visiting a number of universities. The state officials' goal is to build better relations with Kansas educational institutions. Elected officials want to ensure each school's funding is being used efficiently. 

"So, it's important to kind of see what the universities are doing. Where their resources are being spent, what the need is, in so far as increasing that money to where it was before," said Jacob Laturner, Kansas Senator, 13th District. 

Pitt State officials spent the day educating the legislators on the work that's done at the university and explaining how the school's funding is spent.

"I think the end result that we would hope to see is that legislators would continue to value higher education and know that it's an important investment for the state. And for this state to do well, we've got to have a strong higher education system," said Dr. Steve Scott, PSU President. 

The group also received a tour of the Kansas Technology Center and participated in an open question and answer session with university officials.

"This is really positive and the people of Southeast Kansas should look at this and be really heartened. The regents institutions, particularly Pitt State, and the legislature working together, you're going to see good things come from this in the upcoming session," said Dr. Scott. 

The legislators' tour began Tuesday with a visit to Washburn University and Emporia State University. Over the next 5 days, the politicians plan to visit seven other college campuses in Kansas. Hopefully, this will have a positive effect on higher education funding in the future.

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