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Kansas Lawmakers Prepare for the 2014 Legislative Session

Kansas state legislators will soon be on their way to Topeka for their next legislative session.
PITTSBURG, KS.--- Kansas state lawmakers are preparing for this year's legislative session. Kansas state legislators will soon be on their way to Topeka for their next legislative session. A send-off breakfast was held to wish them well and find out what issues are on their agenda.

"My whole goal in running for office was to improve the economy in Southeast Kansas. So, the problems I've outlined here today, those are going to do that very thing. So, I'm eager to get back to Topeka and get the job started," said Jacob Laturner, Kansas Senator.

The three state legislators who attended had similar stances on many of the same hard-hitting issues, transportation and increased funding. However, most of the time was spent discussing how to gain more support for higher education in the House of Representatives.

"We're still together in our support. We're still together in trying to make good things happen for not just higher education but for the kids that they serve, the employees that work there, and the economic benefits it brings to our state," said Julie Menghini, Kansas District 3. 

"Hopefully, the better jobs they'll get, they'll have less need for some of the other resources the state provides if they are educated," said Adam Lusker, Kansas Representative.

Of course, last year's rushed budget was discussed in depth as well. Representative Laturner, who voted against the budget, says the state has to be more creative in finding ways to increase funding overall.

"I'm hopeful that this session, we're going to restore the cuts that were made last year and that we're going to see some progress made in that area," said Laturner. 

The legislators also spent time thanking their constituents for being so active in communicating their needs. The event was hosted by the Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce at PSU's Alumni Center. It appears they'll be very busy over the next four months.

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