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Joplin School District Equips Buses With WiFi Connection

Completing school work on the bus is about to get easier for Joplin students traveling for school activities.
Klista Rader, Director of Information and Implementation Technology.
Klista Rader, Director of Information and Implementation Technology.
JOPLIN, MO.--- Brock Renken is a senior at Joplin High School. The football and soccer player says he can't do any of his school work without the internet, which usually means he has to wait until he gets home, and by then, he's just ready to get in bed. 

"It's really hard because most of our, in all of our classes, they're needing to have WiFi. They're all on the internet," said Brock Renken, Joplin High School Senior. 

Students must connect through a secure website in order to see the assignments and submit their completed work. The director of information and implementation technology for Joplin schools says they notice students getting behind because they can't do homework to and from school related events.

"They have to stay up even later trying to get all their homework done. It's stressful for them and their families and doesn't lead to good performance in school the next day whenever they're tired," said Klista Rader, Director of Information and Implementation Technology. 

Six buses will be equipped for AT&T and Sprint WiFi, as well as internal and external antennas keeping students connected. There are a few concerns, that's where filters come in.

"We have tested that over and over and over again to make sure that our kids can not get to things they shouldn't see, but then at the same time, be able to access things that they need," said Rader. 

Rader says the internet connection will also help enhance student learning during a field trip. 

"Instead of giving them all of that busy work, I could be giving them lessons that would enrich their trip that much more," said Radar. 

None of the buses are on the route yet, the first bus that's already equipped with WiFi should be usable in the next few weeks, but getting the internet filters to be just right is currently top priority. 

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