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Joplin Mayor Pro Tem States New Allegations Against City Manager

Bill Scearce accuses Mark Rohr of contacting a local media source about Scearce's potential knowledge of criminal activity.
JOPLIN, MO.--- New allegations increase tension between Joplin's city manager and a city council member. Mayor Pro Tem Bill Scearce held a media conference at city hall this morning. He accused City Manager Mark Rohr of contacting a local newspaper about Scearce's potential knowledge of criminal activity. 

A 2012 FBI investigation led to the bookmaking conviction of an individual who was renting property from Scearce from 2007 to 2011. Scearce says he was unaware of any criminal activity. He adds it was improper for Rohr to discuss the investigation with someone outside of law enforcement.

"Mr. Rohr is attempting to use this decades old FBI investigation to discredit me politically following my recent statement and vote to ask for his resignation," said Bill Scearce, Joplin Mayor Pro Tem.

In a statement to the media Rohr stated "I am not mounting any campaign against him. The local paper is working on an article that I was asked to comment on. I do believe this played a role in the recent attempt Mr. Scearce led regarding my employment with the city. He has stated to many that he wants to be mayor. He will not be able to do so if I tell all that I know regarding these circumstances." Rohr added he has no plans for further comments on this issue.

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