Joplin Gas Prices Continue to Drop

Joplin Gas Prices Continue to Drop

Motorists in the Four States are leaving the pump happy as gas prices continue to drop.

JOPLIN --- According to, Joplin drivers are seeing gas prices fall below $3.00 this weekend with most drivers in the city paying $2.91 - $2.99.

Just one week ago, the Missouri average was $3.16. Now the Missouri average is roughly $3.06. That still sits lower than the National average of $3.38. Many people in the Joplin area are thankful for the recent downward trend, saying filling up at the pump has been much easier on the wallet.

"I think it's great. Under three dollars a gallon, we haven't seen that for a long time. You can probably put $20.00 more in your pocket a week than you could in the past," says Robert Junk, Joplin Driver

Around the rest of the Four States: Prices in Southeastern Kansas this weekend are averaging around $3.09, and drivers in Northeast Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas are paying about $3.07.

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