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Joplin Fire Department Cold Weather Preparation

Despite any weather or road conditions, the fire department has to be ready when needed.
JOPLIN, MO.--- The Joplin Fire Department tries to get to every emergency within four minutes. With snow on the ground, they have to take extra steps to meet that goal

"We always go through a process of making sure our trucks are ready for winter," said Chief Mitch Randles, Joplin Fire Department. 

Despite any weather or road conditions, the fire department has to be ready when needed.  

"We have to be able to get to a scene of an emergency and the fact that roads are slicker, that there is snow, we can't use that excuse. We have to be able to respond to all incidents," said Chief Randles. 

Making sure the fire trucks are all road worthy can make a difference as to when they will arrive at the scene.

"The tires are in good conditions and our chain systems are working properly. We also will carry several pounds of ice melt on them, so we can throw extra ice melt out for traction," said Chief Randles. 

Though the trucks are large, they will still slip and slide on ice and snow.

"We do have to slow down for weather conditions and take it easy. Obviously, we want to arrive and not end up being another incident," said Chief Randles. 

Firefighters are not only dealing with inclement weather when driving to an emergency, but also other cars on the road,"

"They pretty much stop where they are, which makes us have to do extra maneuvering around them. So it does present a problem from time to time," said Chief Randles.
Chief Randles says if you see an emergency vehicle and it needs to pass you, don't panic. 

"Slow down, get over as far as you can to the right and stop, giving the emergency crews as much room as they can to get past you," said Chief Randles. 

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