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Joplin East Middle School and Soaring Heights Elementary Construction Progress

The new Joplin schools are located on 20 Street in Duquesne and will serve students in Duenweg and Duquesne.
JOPLIN, MO.--- "Oh my goodness. We have been waiting and waiting, and watching this incredible facility come out of the ground," said Bud Sexson, East Middle School Principal.

Construction is moving right along in Joplin at the joint campus.

"We're coming up to the final stages of our construction project at East and Soaring Heights," said Mike Johnson, Joplin Schools Construction Director. 

Joplin East Middle School and Soaring Heights Elementary students will learn under the same roof, but on opposite sides of the building, starting in January. The two schools will be connected by a cafeteria, which will be used by both.

"Many of us have been involved in the design team and looking at drawings and thinking about what would be best for our kids. And to see it come together, and to see it come so close to moving in is extremely exciting," said Sexson. 

"We look for pure joy and excitement is what we're hoping for," said Johnson. 

After losing the East Middle School location in the 2011 tornado, administrators are eager to settle in.

"We have been through so much. And to call a place our home now, it's important for all of us, most importantly our kids," said Sexson. 

If all goes as planned, a ribbon cutting will mark the beginning of a new chapter for the schools on January 5th.

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