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JFD High Rise Operations Training

The Joplin Fire Department worked on simulated drills inside the new Mercy Hospital today.
JOPLIN, MO.--- The new Mercy Hospital is still being constructed, but there was some action inside of the building today. The Joplin Fire Department worked on simulated drills inside the new Mercy Hospital today. A representative with the fire department said this training will help in two areas. The first, learning the structure of the new building. And second, being prepared to make quick and accurate attacks on all fire grounds. 

"To train hands on, to be able to advance and do the tactics that we are teaching in the classroom gives them the ability to do it flawlessly on the fire grounds," said Andy Nimmo, Joplin Fire Department Training Chief. 

This month, the fire department is focusing on training for high rise operations.

"It's important for us to train as often as we can, so we know what to do, particularly if an incident does occur in order to keep everyone as safe as possible," said Nimmo. 

At the same time, start to learn the lay of the land inside the new hospital.

"It's gonna offer us a chance to get familiar with the structure, know the easy access points, and ways to save time for whatever we are doing," said Nimmo.

It makes operations go a lot smoother, it makes you feel better about being inside the building," said Justin Slates, Joplin Firefighter. 

The firefighters worked on running the stairwells with 50 pound gear and how to pull hose lines.   

"It becomes muscle memory. The more that you do it, you don't have to think about it. It's more reactionary versus wasting time trying to think about it," said Slates. 

The most important drill was for the firefighters to work together, something that could mean life or death in a real emergency situation. 

"The job of being a firefighter unit is part of being a team and to be able to train as a team. It just instills qualities that we need whenever a situation occurs," said Nimmo. 

"It's very important, you don't want anyone to lose their life. That's why we come out here and train and do what we do," said Slates. 

There were two training sessions inside of the new Mercy Hospital today. For the rest of the Joplin firefighters, there will be two more training sessions on January 24th and 28th, both inside the hospital. 

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