JB's Downtown Joplin Celebrates Its 3rd Anniversary

JB's Downtown Joplin Celebrates Its 3rd Anniversary

A Downtown Joplin business celebrates an important Anniversary this weekend.

JOPLIN --- The owner of JB's Downtown Joplin was born and raised in the city, and he says staying in the area has always been his goal. So three years ago, he opened an establishment in the heart of the city to give the people of Joplin a place to unwind and call their own

The business opened in October 2010, and owner Jon Buck says their location has been vital to their success.

"The foot traffic is increasing, the environment, the atmosphere downtown is growing, people are moving downtown," says Buck.

Their doors were open for less than a year when Joplin's EF-5 Tornado tore through town. Buck says, during that time, staying open was important for him and his customers.

"Sense of normality, to get away what we were going through," says Buck.

And three years after opening, JB's owner says business is booming. Buck now owns seven buildings in downtown.

"Perfect location, perfect spot. Anywhere else in Joplin, it wouldn't have worked," says Buck.

"It's been really appealing to the college crowd. Prior to JB's we had very few scattering locations where young professionals and college students liked to hang out," says Trisha Patton, Downton Joplin Alliance Executive Director.

Patton says her non-profit organization works to provide a consistent promotion of the downtown area.

"The more we do downtown the more we keep it at top mind awareness and that's great for getting people downtown on a more regular basis," says Patton.

For business owners, like Buck, that makes the area a perfect location to open up shop.

"I owe a lot to Downtown Joplin and, in turn, I owe it to them to create, keep a quality establishment here, and still draw people here." says Buck.

Several businesses along main street have recently held a grand opening. Members of the Downtown Joplin Alliance are continuing to work on plans to help bring in more businesses. For more information, click here.

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