Jasper High School Laptop Grant

Jasper High School Laptop Grant

Students will now have more access to technology for classroom learning.

"I was pretty excited that we were going to get new laptops. I knew it would be a big stepping stone for more stuff that would come to the school."
Jasper High School Freshman Bryon Stevens prefers to use a laptop for his school work.
"You can go through and see what your assignment is and you and you can do it at home," says Stevens.
Now Stevens and his peers will have more access to laptops thanks to a $10,000 grant.

"We were rather limited so this helped to create more possibilities for teachers to use laptops in the classroom."
Curriculum Director Amanda Moennig says there were 50 available laptops for teachers and their 250 high school students. The grant money allowed the school to purchase 20 more.

"It's very important to have that access available to students during the classroom there is a wealth of resources available on the internet and the teachers can utilize those," says Curriculum Director Amanda Moennig.
One of those is an internet based program that teachers will use with their new laptops.
"The internet based program to diagnose students strengths and areas of improvement and then the teachers can use that program to individualize instruction for students," says Moennig.

The laptops will be specifically used for Math and Science classrooms.
"Science right now we're doing a project where you have to do a lot on the computer," says Stevens.
The curriculum director says the district hopes to buy more laptops in the future for elementary classrooms.
"The last year or so we have been working to get laptops available in every classroom from kindergarten all the way up to 12th grade," says Moennig.

Local farmers nominated the school district for the grant.
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