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Jasper County Sheriff's Office Renovations Completed

The Jasper County sheriff finally moves into a new home just off the Carthage square.
CARTHAGE, MO.--- The Jasper County sheriff finally moves into a new home just off the Carthage square.

"It's an exciting time for the sheriff's department, finally getting to this day where we're moving in and getting everything consolidated," said Randee Kaiser, Jasper County Sheriff. 

Staff with the Jasper County Sheriff's Office is moving equipment into their new headquarters off of the Carthage square.

"Having them more consolidated here makes a lot more sense," said Sheriff Kaiser. 

The office was formerly located in Atlas and it now sits in a former bank building owned by Jasper County. 

"It's in the county seat number one. It's a couple blocks from the jail, across the street from the courthouse. It makes sense for us to be here," said Sheriff Kaiser. 

For the detectives who used to drive 10 miles just to get from the office to the jail, it's a big difference.

"This will shave off quite a bit of time for us traveling back and forth from one facility to another," said Lt. Ron Thomas, Jasper County Sheriff's Office. 

Specifically for Ron Thomas when he is conducting interviews.

"When one of the detectives needed to pick up a person to interview, we had to drive all the way to Carthage to pick them up and then take them back to the facility," said Lt. Thomas. 

The new building also has more rooms designed for detectives to conduct those interviews.

"Here we can do three at time, which saves a lot of time," said Lt. Thomas. 

Lt. Thomas says the move will also be helpful for the public.

"In most of your counties, a lot of the sheriff's office are around the square and I think that will help people find us," said Thomas. 

The sheriff says the move comes with added cost savings for the county. That includes saving about $70,000 a year in rent, which is what it costs to lease the building in Atlas.
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