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Jasper County Approves Industrial Revenue Bonds for Heartland Pet Foods Manufacturing

Jasper County commissioners take the next step in bringing one of the nation's largest pet-food companies to the area.
JOPLIN, MO.--- "It's a big company and the more companies that employ people in Jasper County, is better off for everyone," said Norman Rouse, Jasper County Attorney. 

Commissioners approved issuing tens of millions of dollars in industrial revenue bonds for the Heartland Pet Foods Manufacturing today.

"It's a system of financing so they can buy 55 million dollars worth of equipment for the first five years and would not be subject to personal property tax," said Rouse.

The county will lease the equipment to Heartland. The bonds were an incentive to attract the company to the Crossroads Industrial Park.

"There were many states and communities involved. It was a competitive situation to get them here," said Rouse. 

In turn, the company must maintain at least 130 employees.

"Those are high paying jobs in the community, and those are people who buy houses and pay taxes and support the economy in the area," said Rob O'Brian, Joplin Chamber President. 

Joplin Chamber of Commerce President Rob O'Brian says within a year, that number will grow to about 150. He and the commissioners say while the county bonds helped attract those jobs to the area, Jasper County will also benefit from the arrangement.

"Improves the economy, creates more sales tax revenue, property tax revenue, and jobs," said O'Brian. 

Heartland Pet Foods is a subsidiary of the Blue Buffalo Company, which has locations around the country. The Joplin plant is expected to be complete by next spring.
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