Home Sweet Homes USA Dedicates New House to a Joplin Family

Home Sweet Homes USA Dedicates New House to a Joplin Family

A Joplin family is closer to being in a home with the help of Home Sweet Homes U.S.A. and volunteers.
WEBB CITY, MO.--- The sound of construction means Roxanne Ness's dream of having a home is closer to becoming a reality.

"This house is going to be our life because we are going to have our grandkids with us," said John Ness, Moving into New Home. 

The Ness's home was destroyed in the Joplin tornado on May 22nd and now they'll have new place to call home. A group of about 20 people with Hand of Hope in Omaha lent a hand in Webb City and Joplin today. Jon Nelson is one of those volunteers who worked on the home for the Ness's in Webb City.

"It's just a chance to help some really great grandparents out. It's an awesome thing what they are doing, that's really what I am thinking about," said Jon Nelson, Hand of Hope Volunteer. 

The volunteers are working with Home Sweet Homes U.S.A. 

"It's a 100 year old home. It had to be completely gutted, the walls insulation everything," said Marchella Claar, Home Sweet Homes Volunteer Coordinator. 

Volunteers from various organizations began work on the five bedroom home three months ago. Today, these volunteers replaced wood work.

"We are going to hopefully get them in the house soon," said Nelson. 

The Ness's are looking forward to having a place to raise their grandchildren.

"Her dream is finally coming true," said John Ness, Moving into New Home. 

Leaders with Home Sweet Homes USA hope to have the couple in their home by Christmas.
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