Health Insurance Marketplace Website Problems

Health Insurance Marketplace Website Problems

Local health professionals say they're experiencing some road blocks enrolling in the Health Insurance Marketplace.
LAMAR, MO.--- Angela Moreno's focus is answering patients' questions about the health insurance mandate. She also helps people sign up through the Marketplace, but it hasn't been easy. 

"There's been glitches in it. We've been trying to get through an application and we've hit stumbling blocks," said Angela Moreno, Certified Application Counselor BCMH.

She says the main problem is getting logged on, because this website is slow. 

"That's across the board. Since Missouri has a federally run Marketplace, we're on the federal site. So, it's more than just Missouri that is trying to get on," said Moreno. 

Moreno says now the wait time is shorter. 

"They did some work over the weekend, and they've cut down some of the wait by a third," said Moreno.

When Moreno isn't helping people sign-up, she's finding questions about the new law.

"The big question is, how does this affect me," said Moreno.

Moreno says that's why if you have questions, they recommend you attend an educational event near you. She says despite the website delay, she's always there to offer help for more than 2,000 people uninsured in Barton County.

"As for the community, I think it's very important to let people know that we are doing education events," said Moreno. 

For more information on those events, click here. To view the Marketplace website, click here.

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