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Hammers are the Highlight of the Night at Spiva Center for the Arts

Nearly 100 hammers were the center of attention tonight at Spiva Center for the Arts.

JOPLIN --- Dozens of people got their chance to bid on masterpieces crafted by local artists, public officials, and students. Farmers Insurance donated each hammer, which were used on Rebuild Joplin construction sites throughout the city. Organizers say the re-purposed hammers represent the symbolism of Joplin's strength and perseverance.

"These hammers that were once a  utilitarian tool to get the job done, that have now been redefined. Like that, Joplin has been redefined. Where once we were down, we are coming back stronger," says Thomas Corley, Rebuild Joplin.

"We've done a lot of work since the tornado that's allowed people to really express themselves. Things that aren't easy to put into words, but sometimes you can do that through art," says Jo Mueller, Spiva Center for the Arts

Organizers say the proceeds from tonight will help build the frame for another Rebuild Joplin home.

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