Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Part 2

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Part 2

Hair is something we all take for granted, until we start to loose it.
JOPLIN, MO.--- Hair is something we all take for granted, until we start to loose it. Kay Watkins has been selling wigs for nearly 30 years in Joplin. She owns Kay World of Wigs on 7th Street in Joplin. She says the wigs have improved over the years. 

"They're a lot lighter weight, more natural looking. You can't hardly tell they're not real," said Kay Watkins, Kay World of Wigs. 

She has all types of women that buy wigs. Some women are loosing their hair naturally, others are battling cancer, and some women just want to have fun. 

"We have people that wear them for convenience, they like to go and not mess with their hair," said Watkins. 

Watkins also works with several models that go around the country, and all of them use wigs. Sabrina Muse has been modeling since she was 16 years old and says wigs make life a bit easier. 

"You can go form short, to long, blonde to brunette," said Sabrina Muse, Model. 

It's also a time saver. 

"Doing our hair, girls need that extra hour of sleep," said Muse. 

Emily Sebade is also a model and says people assume it's her real hair. 

"Most people don't notice you're wearing a wig. They just assume it's your real hair," said Emily Sebade, Model. 

Emily's mom has battled cancer and she says wigs helped her get through her treatment. 

"It's very hard for women to loose their hair. There's a bunch of wigs out there. My mom tried on a bunch of wigs and had fun with it," said Sebade. 

Watkins says the cost has gotten better over the years. 

"My wigs run $90 to $150 for synthetic ones. Of course, human hair runs into the $800," said Watkins. 

One of her favorite clients was a woman who never told her husband. 

"She said her husband, when he wanted to go out. He didn't want to wait on her to do her hair. So, she would put on a hair piece," said Watkins. 
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