Granby Police Officer is Being Credited for Saving a Baby's Life

Granby Police Officer is Being Credited for Saving a Baby's Life

Sergent Ron Greer was called to the home where a baby swallowed a bottle cap and was choking. When he got there, he was able to save the baby's life before it was too late.
Photo Courtesy of the Granby Police Department
Photo Courtesy of the Granby Police Department
GRANBY, MO.--- A Granby police officer is being credited for saving a baby's life. When Natasha Hines 9-month-old baby girl swallowed a bottle cap and got it lodged in the back of her throat she didn't know what to do.

"Her mouth was turning blue, her eyes rolled in the back of her head. It was scary, I thought I was going to lose her," said Natasha Hines, Abbi's Mother. 

Sergeant Ron Greer of The Granby Police Department was dispatched to the home and immediately tried to remove the cap as quickly as he could, since baby Abbi only had minutes to live.

"I turned my hand over and was able to hook my finger under it, it took a fairly good tug to pull it out. It was wedged in there pretty good," said Sgt. Ron Greer, Granby Police Department. 

Once he removed the bottle cap, he says the baby took a short breath and cried for a second and then she started going unconscious again.

"That's when I rolled her over on my forearm and was patting her back trying to get any mucus or any blood that may have blocking her airway out," said Sgt. Greer. 

Shortly after, the paramedics arrived and took Abbi to the hospital. Her mother and family are so thankful Sgt. Greer got there in time to save Abbi's life.

"I was relieved. I was happy, I was really happy that he saved my daughter," said Hines. 

Sgt. Greer says he doesn't feel like he did anything anybody else would have done. 

"I'm extremely proud, it's definitely something to be proud of but it's still the grace of God. I was just the vessel he was driving," said Sgt. Greer. 

Chief Jacob Kelley is honored to have Sgt. Greer on their police force. 

"I'm very proud of him. He's a great asset to this team, one of the reasons why he was promoted to sergeant pretty recently," said Chief Jacob Kelley, Granby Police Department. 

"He did an awesome job, thank you so much for saving her. He's a real hero, a real hero," said Hines. 

Abbi was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon. Her mother says her throat is still sore but she will have a full recovery. The Granby Police Department is honoring Sergeant Greer on December 12th with the Life Saving Medal of Recognition for his direct actions resulting in saving a life. 
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