Gifts for the Nations Yard Sale

Gifts for the Nations Yard Sale

Gifts for the Nations is an organization that works to provide developing countries with donations from our area.
JOPLIN, MO.--- Gifts for the Nations works to help give basic necessities to developing countries around the world.

"We do disaster relief, we do medical missions, all kinds of ways. Whatever anyone purchases or gives to us in some way, has a tie to helping others," said Debbie Cramer, Founder. 

Today, the group held a yard sale at Villa Heights Christian Church. Founder, Debbie Cramer was overwhelmed by the amount of support received from the community. 

"It means the world to me to be able to do this. There isn't words that can explain the good that comes from getting to see people blessed by something," said Cramer. 

The wide range of items for sale included jeans, dresses, glassware, shoes, and toys. Proceeds will help fund an effort to ship hospital beds and farm equipment to Ghana and Zimbabwe. One couple, who buys from Gifts for the Nations often, says there's something for everyone here at a great price and for a great cause.

"I think it's worthy of support. I see it helping the towns and love to see the people with families particularly, coming and saving money but getting good clothes," said Phil Steele, Shopper. 

Maggie says she's always happy to come and shop.

"When we come and help with the sales, of course, I have 3 days to shop. Debbie says I'm one of her best customers," said Maggie Steele, Shopper. 

If you would like to help support their efforts or take a fun shopping trip, Gifts for the Nations will also be at Villa Heights Christian Church all day tomorrow. 

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