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Galena School District Expansion Projects Now Underway

The Galena community is growing, which means schools are in need of more space.
GALENA, KS.--- The Galena community is growing, which means schools are in need of more space.  

"We are already at capacity here at the building level, so it will be nice," said Brian Smith, Galena Superintendent. 

With support of the Galena community, the $7.5 million school expansion is currently underway. 

"I was very pleased how supportive our community was on the bond issue. 72% voted yes and that's pretty amazing when you're going to have to raise taxes to be able to pay for it," said Smith. 

The projects will include a new high school gym, fitness center, and storm shelter. Spring Grove is getting more classrooms and a storm shelter as well. The gym and science classrooms were both built in 1963 and is in need of some updating.

"Our science classrooms were antiquated and we just really needed something to take us into the 21st century," said Smith. 

If you live within the school district the fitness center will be free to the community. 

"The way it's designed, we will have a walking track which will also be the hallways too. So that will be open to the community. That's something that we thought was important," said Smith. 

The expansion is also going to help the community by building a shelter.

"We will have storm shelters in that building also and they will be in the locker rooms, and we will be able to hold over 1,000 people in those," said Smith. 

Smith is thankful for the expansion, but feels it is a team effort with the community. 

"Here in Galena, it's very important that the community has access to the school because it's their school. And that's the way we have always felt and the Board of 
Education feels," said Smith. 

The project is expected to be completed by the beginning of the next school year. 
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