Fort Scott Naturalization Ceremony

Fort Scott Naturalization Ceremony

Dozens gather at the Fort Scott National Historic Site today to take the oath to become citizens of the United States.
FORT SCOTT, KS.--- "I'm from Mexico. Back in, maybe 15 years ago, I dreamt to immigrate to another country, looking for a better life to have more opportunities," said Pedro Arias, U.S. Citizen. 

Pedro Arias is not just gaining citizenship for himself, he's beginning a new legacy for his family. 

"Now that I have two kids, I think that they will have more or a future here," said Arias. 
Arias joined 89 other people who were sworn in as U.S. citizens. They're from various backgrounds representing Kenya, Mexico, Vietnam and Iraq.

"It's a privilege for the United States District Court to be able to come to Ft. Scott and to have a ceremony like this here," said Kim Leininger, U.S. District Court. 

The Fort Scott High School band, orchestra, and choir performed patriotic songs. Arias, along with the other candidates for U.S. citizenship, sat anxiously awaiting to recite the United States Pledge of Allegiance. For some, this was an ordinary day, but for others, it was the beginning of a new life.

"To me, it's a big step in my life," said Arias. 

To gain citizenship through the naturalization process, you must hold a green card and be a resident for at least five years, pass an English test and a U.S. history and government test. There was a lot of pride in Fort Scott today, and this was a very momentous occasion fulfilling many dreams and changing many lives. 
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