Federal Shutdown Continues

Federal Shutdown Continues

Missouri senators and congress members are blaming each other for the continuation on the federal shutdown.
WASHINGTON, D.C.--- It's day four of the federal shutdown, with still no end in sight.

"It's devastating, there are tens upon thousands of federal workers in Missouri," said Senator Claire McCaskill, Missouri Senate (D). 

"We do need to get people back to work," said Congressman Billy Long, Missouri House (R).

Both Senator Claire Mccaskill and Congressman Billy Long agree it's crucial to reopen the government. They're pointing fingers at each other's caucus on what they're doing to get there.

"The House has sent us proposals in the Senate and we have voted on all of them. They have yet to vote on the Senate proposal, and if Speaker Boehner would just allow a vote, it would pass," said McCaskill. 

"We have to talk to each other. That's what I've been working on. I've been talking to leadership on our side, I'm going over to talk to leadership on the other side, and just get the dialogue going we need to call this off and say, 'hey let's sit down and talk," said Long. 

Though Long wants a delay in Obamacare.

"It's a train wreck coming down the track," said Long.

He's calling for an overall approach to pass a budget. Mainly, making funding cuts to programs like Medicare and social security.

"Attack the drivers of spending in this country. This thing has been festering for three years, we really need to get over it this time," said Long. 

Senator McCaskill is urging speaker John Boehner to allow a vote on the House floor. She says that's the answer.

"We've voted three or four times in the Senate on their proposals, it's their turn to vote on our proposal that would keep our government open and then lets negotiate on the budget," said McCaskill. 

As the fight continues, the senator has furloughed most of her staff- only keeping a skeleton crew. She says it's only fair since thousands of Americans are without paychecks. Senator McCaskill is not keeping her pay during the shutdown. She's donating the money to charity. Congressman Long is anxious to speed up the negotiations.  

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