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Fans React To Chiefs Playoff Loss

After leading by almost 30 points, things took a turn ending in a devastating loss for Kansas City.
JOPLIN,MO-- Despite leading the Indianapolis Colts by 28 points in the third quarter of the Wildcard game, the Kansas City Chiefs are now out of the playoffs.

High spirited fans filled Buffalo Wild Wings as the Chiefs were dominating the Colts in the first Wildcard game.

After leading by almost 30 points, things took a turn--- ending in a devastating loss for Kansas City.

"Hands down they should have won. To be up by that much and not win... Sorry you should've won," says Marlon Douglas.

It was a shocking end to the season.

"I thought that if they ran the ball well, they could beat them," says Scott Newton.

"I was kind of 50/50. Of course hoping they would win but I was also skeptical cause their defense just hadn't played well in the last few games," says Tal Clupbs

"I expected a little better from them. I think they could have done it, they could have won the game," says Ashley Skorobogatov.

These fans say the injuries of both Jamal Charles and Knile Davis were to blame.

"That pretty much ended the game for them," says Douglas.

Fans wish the Chiefs would have played differently.

"Ran the ball a little bit more and made it more balanced instead of putting the weight on Alex Smith to win the game," says Douglas.

Yet, loyal fans say they're proud of the team.

"I would give us a good game coming from last year because it was a big jump up," says Audrey Clark.

"When you win more games this years than the past two years- that's pretty dang good," says Scott Newton.

And they look forward to next season.

"The sky is the limit," says Scott Newton.

"Go Chiefs!" adds Tyler Bridgewater.

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