Expanding Regional Jobs

Expanding Regional Jobs

A group of various city officials met today to discuss future plans to make the region better economically.
JOPLIN, MO.--- "Form partnerships, identify common needs and problems, and issues and successes, and to work on a legislative agenda for our region," said Mark Turnball, Director of Regional Strategies, Joplin Regional Prosperity Initiative. 

Mark Turnball is the director of regional strategies for Joplin's Regional Prosperity Initiative. He says the organization will implement a five year strategic plan to expand jobs. So they brought in the expert to help initiate those goals.

"What this area needs is the opportunity to create jobs to be able to put this awesome workforce that we have in place here to work and to provide prosperity and quality of life to this area," said Mike Conduff, President of Elime Group. 

Mike Conduff is an expert in helping city councils and boards of directors look towards the future and develop a plan to get there.

"Utilize the JRPI to put in place policies procedures, legislation if necessary in order to pave the way to make the process smooth for folks who do want to locate here," said Conduff. 

He says he'll provide leadership, motivation, and training to assist the regional governing board in making the area successful.

"This kind of partnership is very unique, especially to cross so many state boundaries and county boundaries, provided if everyone is pulling in the same direction to a unique opportunity," said Conduff. 

Local governing officials from three states, seven counties and 13 community areas will work to change the future and increase private capital investment.

"It's a good place to live, we have a good quality of life that can't be beaten. We've been here for a long time and we have a good workforce and it's just a good place to raise a family and live," said Turnball. 

During three of the five year plan, the board will work on expanding existing business retention, develop a research pipeline from colleges and universities, and lobby to expand broadband infrastructure.
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