Electronic Waste Disposal for Crawford County

Electronic Waste Disposal for Crawford County

What to do with computers and TV's you no longer use.
 PITTSBURG, KS-- A common problem these days in the age of technology, what to do with computers and TV's you no longer use. Crawford County residents were able to answer that question by taking their old electronics to the recycling center in Pittsburg for free.

Recycling operations manager Tausha Ritz says, "People bring us their gently used, their broken, it doesn't matter. TV's, monitors, computers, keyboards. Pretty much anything with a cord. You can bring it in and we'll get rid of it for you."

At the center, they break down the electronics and make money off of the internal parts.

"We typically charge for monitors and televisions. Most everything else is already free to drop off. However a lot of people have those CRTV monitors and televisions, and even the flat screen," says Ritz.
Mercury, lead, and flame retardents are toxic to humans and the environment. They should never be sent to a land fill.

Dr. Jim Triplett, chairman on the board of directors for the Southeast Kansas Recycling Center says,

"Our primary mission is to divert material from the landfill and put them back in to use. Our primary mission is not to make a profit."

Today was the last day for free electronic waste disposal at the Southeast Kansas Recycling Center. The center is always accepting electronics, however residents may have to pay for some of them. Items like TV's and computer monitors will cost $5.00 to recycle. Microwaves, cell phones, and appliances are all free. The Southeast Kansas Recycling Center will now resume their regular drop-off hours and guidelines. Residents can drop off items on Tuesday and Thursdays 10-5pm and Saturdays 9-5pm.
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