Duquesne Economic Development

Duquesne Economic Development

The addition of a new store in Duquesne will bring a boost for the city's revenue.
DUQUESNE, MO.--- The addition of a new store in Duquesne will bring a boost for the city's revenue. The mayor says this is good economic development for the city, since their revenue is sales tax driven.

"It's going to be a really good shot in the arm for Duquesne, and we need that economic development," said Denny White, Duquesne Mayor. 

That economic development is a new Dollar General store. Construction for the site began several weeks ago on the corner of 7th and Walnut Ridge.

"We have over 100 businesses in Duquesne. It's a two and half square mile area so that's really great for the size of the town," said Mayor White. 

The City of Duquesne has no property tax, and relies on sales tax as their major source of revenue. Mayor Denny White says the addition of Dollar General will be a good revenue source.

"It will increase our sales tax by thousands of dollars a year. You cannot just stay one way, you have to either be going up or going down. So, this is an upward move for us," said Mayor White. 

Just a block from the new store will be improvements to a nearby intersection in the near future. Mayor White says plans are almost finalized to reconstruct the intersection of 7th and Duquesne, to add right turn lanes and another left turn lane.

"The State of Missouri had some leftover funds from the I-49 project and they're going to spend an additional 800,000 dollars on this intersection," said Mayor White. 

Mayor White says it will make it easier for people to access businesses in that area.

"There's going to be some increased traffic there, but we are going to have some improvements to the intersection and to the road that will help all that," said Mayor White. 

Mayor White says the Dollar General is expected to open later this month.

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