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DNA Helps Reunite Family

Two siblings reunite after being separated for 40 years, they have an art project and a teenager to thank.
NEOSHO, MO---Robin Livingston and Michael Alford along with three other siblings were separated at a young age.  Robin, clutching onto Michael's baby clothes and documentation, searched for her little brother for years with no luck.  But her teenage son Andrew's curiosity about DNA solved the mystery of Michael's whereabouts.  Andrew sent in his DNA to the online database 23-And-Me to learn about his heritage.  At that same time Michael was using the same website as part of his art project for his masters thesis at LSU.  23-And-Me then alerted both of them of their 85% DNA match, emails were exchanged and they realized Andrew is Michael's nephew.  Robin got a hold Michael and after phone calls and emails the long-lost siblings reunited last night at Robin's Neosho home just in time for Thanksgiving.  Now they're catching up on lost time.
"I have a large extended family now that I've never had and I've never experienced before so that's something new to me and that's a new emotion for me," says Alford.
"Oh my gosh!  I don't think there's words to say today, I just feel like I could smile so big, I could burst because family is what it's all about," Livingston says.
Four of the five siblings are now in contact with each other and still clinging onto hope that they will find the youngest sibling.
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