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Dining Out for Thanksgiving

Most folks spent Thanksgiving in a more traditional setting, but some left the cooking to the professionals.
QUAPAW, OK---"It's the cooks day out we're going to eat out."
Seems to be the exact same thing on many families minds this Thanksgiving.  At least that's what the manger at Spring River Buffet in Downstream Casino says.
"We have a lot of big parties that come in," says Brandi Dunnic.
Dunnic tells us the restaurant has been holding the Thanksgiving dinner for five years.
"I think every customer that comes in here they might want an easier Thanksgiving with not having to cook so they come and enjoy everything we've cooked," she says.
Which is exactly like a homemade meal, but without the clean up.
"We'll have ham and turkey on the carving stations, mashed potatoes, fried chicken, fried catfish, cabbage, beans, sweet potatoes," Dunnic says.
And the choices go on.  Dunnic believes most people are looking to eat that traditional Thanksgiving meal, but some just prefer to enjoy the meal and not the stress of making it.
"I think that a lot of people are probably busy Christmas shopping, so they don't really have the extra time to go home and cook desserts and a turkey and all the different varieties of food," she says.
Dunnic says they serve about 1,500 people for Thanksgiving dinner and the restaurant expects more next year.
"Every single year, we have seen a steady increase in the amount of people and we're managing our time a lot better now, we can get more people in here faster," she says.
According to the National Restaurant Association more than 15 million Americans will leave the entire Thanksgiving meal to restaurant professionals.
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