Wilson Elementary First Day of School

Wilson Elementary First Day of School

Class is now in session for Miami schools, and students aren't the only ones who experienced their very first day of class.
MIAMI, OK.--- The first day of school is important for every student, including their teachers. This is Erin Ogle's first year to teach second grade at Wilson Elementary School. She says seeing her 21 new students walk through the door for the first time was a special moment for the beginning of her career.

"When that first backpack came in, and I was helping them get their supplies where they need to be, it was a little surreal. A little chill went over me. But, it was exciting," said Erin Ogle, Wilson Elementary Teacher. 

Mrs. Ogle is one of three new teachers this year at Wilson Elementary. She says the veteran teacher's have been helpful when it came to preparing for the first day of class.

"They've helped me from anywhere from opening the door for me so I could bring stuff in, to showing me how to use the copy machine, to giving me reassurance as I walk through the door on the first day," said Ogle.

Teachers say the first day of school sets the tone for the rest of the school year. Students spent their day learning standard classroom procedures and ice breakers in order to get to know their fellow classmates. 

"We go over procedures for how to sit on my carpet, because we do a lot of sitting on the carpet. We go over how to stand in line," said Chrisann Lamb, Wilson Elementary Teacher.
Besides one medical incident at the beginning of the day, Mrs. Ogle says her first day teaching was a success. 

"It's a little nerve racking, a little surreal. Watching the kids come in that first day and knowing this is my first class. And we're going to make a lot of good memories," said Ogle.

More than 200 students attended their first day of school at Wilson Elementary. Teachers say they are looking forward to a great year. 

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