Weston's Cafe Grand Reopening

Weston's Cafe Grand Reopening

A Baxter Springs business destroyed in the April tornado is back open for business.
BAXTER SPRINGS, KS.--- "I was worried they weren't going to reopen," said Lori Barnes, Customer.

Weston's Cafe has always been a frequent stop for Lori Barnes and her parents.

"They came here about every other day," said Barnes. 

That was until an EF-2 tornado hit Baxter Springs and Weston's Cafe.

"It was pretty much destroyed. The roof was about halfway gone. Some of the walls were blown out," said Brad Jenkins, Manager.

The building was considered a total loss following the EF-2 tornado.

"So they tore it down," said Jenkins. 

Manager Brad Jenkins says the community's support is why his family decided to rebuild the long-time local restaurant.

"Customers come on b,y want to know when they are going to get breakfast. You know, if we were going to rebuild. It's just overwhelming support," he said. 

Rebuilding efforts began in June, and the restaurant reopened on Monday.

"We've been rocking rolling ever since. It's great the folks that come back out and support us," he said. 

Customers, like Barnes, have already been there to eat twice since the reopening.

"They have really good food. It's local, they make everything from scaratch," said Barnes. 

 The cafe is open Monday through Saturday.

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