Webb City Aquatic Center Discussion

Webb City Aquatic Center Discussion

Tonight the Webb City Council discusses possible options for getting an aquatic center in the city.
WEBB CITY, MO.--- In April, Janine Hasselquist was one of the 56% of Webb City residents who voted in favor of adding a city pool. 57% approval was required for the $2.5 million bond to pass. 

"We took our kids swimming everyday in the summer time. And we were real disappointed when we moved here and didn't have access to a pool like that," said Janine Hasselquist, Webb City resident.

"We have an awful lot of citizens who would like to have an outdoor pool in Webb City," said John Biggs, Webb City Mayor. 

Webb City council members met tonight to discuss refurbishing a pool at Hatten Park, which hasn't been used in 30 years.        

"We've recently dug it out, and we found out that it is in better shape than we thought it might be. It's about 9,000 square feet. So it's a nice size, it would be a nice size pool," said Mayor Biggs. 

Webb City Mayor John Biggs says this option for a pool would be cheaper for the city. 

"We can put new piping and seal it against the wall. There are a lot ways we can save significant costs, significant cost, by refurbishing that pool rather than building a new one," said Mayor Biggs.   

Hasselquist doesn't have any kids living at home anymore, but agrees Hatten Park would be a great site for pool for kids in the area.

"Why not use something that is already partially there. The hole is already dug, I think it is a fantastic idea," said Hasselquist

Biggs says the city will look to get pool inspectors out to the site to see if the Hatten park pool is an option. The inspectors will also let the city know how much money it would cost to refurbish that pool site.

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