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U.S. Senator Pat Roberts Presidents' Day Tour

This week he's visited 80 out of 105 counties in Kansas.
PITTSBURG, KS.--- U.S. Senator Pat Roberts stops in Pittsburg as part of his Presidents' Day Tour. This week he's visited 80 out of Kansas 105 counties. He says Kansas residents are worried about government over-regulation, which are greatly affecting small towns and communities. Roberts say while he's unhappy with how long it took to finish the farm bill, he says keeping the crop insurance program is a winner in his book.

"Number one thing that farmers and ranchers told us throughout Kansas: Don't do anything to crop insurance, if anything, improve crop insurance because we've been through these tough times with the droughts and all of that. And so that's in there," said Senator Pat Roberts, Kansas. 

Roberts also voiced his opinion on the federal minimum wage increase, saying it would be an economic mistake to go through with it. He says it would cause unemployment to increase. He believes the state should decide if they want to make a change.
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