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Update: Jury Recommends Sentence for Daniel Hartman

After hours of deliberation, a jury gives their suggestion about how long Daniel Hartman should spend behind bars.
JOPLIN, MO---The jury that convicted 18-year-old Daniel Hartman of murder has now recommended how long he'll spend behind bars for the crime.  It took the jury about four hours to decide Hartman deserved life in prison with the possibility of parole for charges of second degree murder and armed criminal action. It's unknown if those sentences will run consecutively or concurrently. That will be decided at a later date, when Hartman is officially sentenced. The jury also recommended Hartman spend fifteen years behind bars for burglary. This same jury convicted the Tusla man around 5:45 this evening. He was originally found guilty of first degree murder, but Missouri law indicates that because Hartmas was seventeen at the time of the crime he cannot receive first degree murder chagres. Hartman's official sentencing date has not been scheduled.
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