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Update: Clear Creek Fish Kill Investigation

An investigation into a recent fish kill finds violations made by Tyson Foods and the City of Monett.
MONETT, MO.--- The Department of Natural Resources report findings show that Tyson Foods disrupted the waste water treatment process, which resulted in the fish kill. Their findings state that Tyson Foods delivered the waste feed additive Alimet to the Monett Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facility on May 16th.  D.N.R. also found several violations by the City of Monett, including failing to operate and maintain facilities under the Missouri Clean Water Law. 

This caused operation issues at the treatment facility and improperly treated waste water to discharge into Clear Creek. Water samples showed there was high level of ammonia in the creek. This resulted in the fish kill that impacted a four mile stretch from the treatment facility to Clear Creek near Highway 97 Bridge in Pierce City. The matter has been turned over to the Missouri Attorney General's Office.
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