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Student Athlete with Prosthetic Leg Motivates Others

A Lamar teen is not allowing a tragic childhood experience slow him down.

LAMAR, MO.--- A Lamar teen is not allowing a tragic childhood experience slow him down.

"My brother was mowing the lawn and I was out there messing around," said Reed Leasure, Lamar Resident.

Reed Leasure was 6 years old when he lost his left foot. He doesn't remember a lot about that day, except when he realized he couldn't stand up.

"Right after it happened, I remember trying to stand up and then looking down and then my brain was like 'that isn't going to work' and I just kind of flopped back down," said Reed.

He wasn't down for long. His parents say during his rehab, he was anxious to get back up again.

"His big thing was 'when can I ride my bike? Am I going to be able to swim this summer?' And it was just like that the whole time," said Georgia Leasure, Reed's Mother.

His parents say they still worried about his future.

"As his parents, we just didn't want him to be disappointed, because he's always played a little bit of basketball, and he started doing that right after with his first prosthetic. He was right back out there," said Georgia.

At 16 and a member of the junior varsity basketball team, his coaches at Lamar High School use his ambition to motivate other team mates.

"Coach Bailey in the weight rooms, he always just uses it to get the other guys to do stuff. He's always like, 'well Reed's doing it, what's the other guys excuse," said Reed.

His father says everyday Reed inspires the people around him.

"It happens all the time to me, he can go out, do what he needs to do on a daily basis, and he has to put more effort into it and it just makes me want to put a little more effort into my life," said Richard Leasure, Reed's Father.

Reed says his biggest challenge is accepting he can't do some things, but he can do a lot.

"There's no reason not to be positive, it's just one of those things where you just have to deal with it. I feel like if I was just negative all the time, that would be no fun," said Reed.

Reed is also in the marching band, in theatre, an honor student, and in student council.

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