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State Representative Charlie Davis On A Proposed Sales Tax

Rep. Charlie Davis says he supports allowing the people to choose if they want to pay a sales tax to improve roads.

WEBB CITY, MO--- At a town hall meeting this weekend, Missouri State Representative Charlie Davis addressed a proposed statewide transportation sales tax. The three-fourths of a cent sales tax will be on the August 5th ballot. Voters will have an opportunity to vote on the temporary tax. The money collected over ten years would generate $4.8 billion dollars to be used on transportation projects across the state. Local State Representative Charlie Davis is in support of letting the people decide on the sales tax increase.

"If we want to spend three quarters of a cent, less than one penny for every dollar in additional sales tax revenue to pay for bridges, roads, bike paths, walking trails, airport infrastructure to ensure that we have a good infrastructure for businesses to come, then I believe it's pretty important," says Representative Charlie Davis.

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