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Speedy Sisters

The Capra sisters duke it out on the dragway, but there's more to them than just racing. To them, the racing business is family business.

Mo-Kan Dragway hosts the annual Junior Dragster Bracket Series, a 6 month long point based competition which pits preteens and teenagers against each other on the track. For Jordyn and Jenna Capra, their whole life has been surrounded by elaborate cars, engines, and lights. Jordyn, a track star at Carl Junction high school, got involved in the family sport at the age of six, and ten years later, she's a 2-time Junior Dragster Champion. Her younger sister, Jenna, who also started at the age of six, is on the verge on finally breaking into the top ranks. The family, who race for Marcum Drag Racing, compete, win, and lose together. The sisters aren't the only ones who push the petal to the metal; their cousin, uncle, father, and grandfather, have all raced or currently race. Their grandmother and mother are also big contributors, as they help out with the cars on race day. At the end of the day, with a first or last place finish, the family knows that family is way more important than any trophy. 

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