Southeast Kansas Humane Society Needs

Southeast Kansas Humane Society Needs

Many animal shelters often reach out to their communities for financial and volunteer support, the same is true for the Southeast Kansas Humane Society.
PITTSBURG, KS.--- Needs for the animals are endless at the Southeast Kansas Humane Society.

"We'll take just about anything you're willing to donate," sad Erica Wilson, SEK Humane Society Promotional Director. 

Erica Wilson says whether its financial donations, toys, or food, anything can help create a better life for the animals. 

"We don't receive any government funding or funding from any national animal organization, so all the items we receive, all the items and the money, stay directly here at our facility," said Wilson. 

Britney Buschmann is the property manager at Brentwood Pointe Apartments in Pittsburg. She says she donates to the humane society regularly, and encourages others to donate as well.

"Several times throughout the year, we actually give our residents a discount off rent if they will come in and donate. And I, myself, will bring the food out here to give to the humane society," said Britney Buschman, Humane Society Donor.

Social media has also played a huge role in bringing in volunteers and donations. The SEK Facebook page informs the community about what donations they need, what events are coming up, and what animals are available for adoption.
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