Sho-de-o and Craft Day in Baxter Springs

Sho-de-o and Craft Day in Baxter Springs

Two groups hold a benefit to help people with medical needs.

BAXTER SPRINGS, KS--- The Baxter Springs Saddle Club and Way's Ranch Horse rescue raises money to help people with their medical needs. Today the two groups held a Sho-de-o and Craft Day to raise money for a cancer patient and a young girl who is recovering from an eye injury caused by an arrow.

Terry way, who is the owner of Way's Ranch, says he started doing events like this because he wanted to see people smile. Way says he has a personal connection to cancer and knows the type of support a family needs when they're battling an illness.

"My wife is now 100 percent cancer free. We just got that word Monday. But it gives me that personal connection knowing exactly what people have gone through and avenue that I can help other people, if nothing else, make a smile," says Terry Way, the coordinator of the event and owner of Way's Ranch Horse Rescue.

Way is currently in the process of obtaining non-profit status. He plans to continue these benefit fundraisers and helping other families in their time of need.

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