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Senator Roy Blunt Addresses Mental Health Care

Senator Blunt has co-sponsored a bill to increase mental health care support.
JOPLIN, MO--- Senator Roy Blunt speaks with child advocates on the importance of mental health care. Senator Blunt has co-sponsored a bill with Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow. The "Excellence in Mental Health Act" is designed to ensure that all community mental health centers can qualify as a federal community behavioral health centers. Senator Blunt's goal is to make sure that mental health issues are treated like all other health issues. He says mental health is the underlying theme in a lot of violent crimes we see today.

"Mental health is a topic that as a society, we've been very reluctant to deal with. And it creates significant problems within our society. One of the things it creates, is victims," says Senator Blunt.

Senator Blunt is also co-sponsor of the "Mental Health First Aid Act", which will provide trainings nationwide to help people understand and better treat mental health issues.

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