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Selfies Causing Rise in Plastic Surgery

Selfies are a way people portray themselves through social media like Facebook.
JOPLIN, MO.--- There is a rise in plastic surgery and the reason may be as basic as your cell phone. Doctors say it's caused by taking pictures of yourself. Selfies are a way people portray themselves through social media like Facebook. Sometimes what you see with a selfie isn't what others see. 

"I think it's important to sort out the perception of how they look at themselves with the reality," said Dr. Frank Shagets, Freeman Health System Plastic Surgeon. 

Individuals see how they look in their selfie and want it fixed with plastic surgery.

"Unfortunately, the cameras that take the selfies are not designed for close up view so there is a considerable amount of distortion. And I'll often times have to take a clinical photo and demonstrate to the person in reality they don't look like that selfie," said Dr. Shagets. 

There are a wide variety of issues people might think they have.

"In a profile view their nose looks big, or they're unable to wear their hair back because their ears stick out. So that's something that's a common complaint of people wanting facial plastic surgery," said Dr. Shagets. 

There are so many selfies out there, some people taking them several times a day.

"People portray themselves through using selfies and Facebook and there are many other ways, if you look at social media in a broad context of putting parts of your life out there in a measured way," said Dr. John Dages, Freeman Ozark Center Psychologist. 

Psychologist say a selfie is more than just a picture.

"Selfies provide a great way to get that immediate reassurance and approval at least for that hour," said Dr. Dages. 

Experts say selfies aren't always a bad thing. Pictures are a good way to capture special moments of your life. Doctors suggest not to rely on selfies for their plastic surgeries.

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