SEK Art Fest Football Statues to Be Relocated

SEK Art Fest Football Statues to Be Relocated

The Southeast Kansas Art Fest football statues in Pittsburg will all be getting moved tomorrow morning.
PITTSBURG, KS.--- The football statues that sit on Broadway in Pittsburg are moving.

"We'll spread them out a little further down Broadway, instead of concentrating them in the middle of the downtown," said Jeff Wilbert, Downtown District Coordinator. 

Starting tomorrow, the statues will sit one per block from 9th Street to Rose Street. This is in part due to repeated vandalism of the footballs this month.  

"We hope it doesn't happen again and we try to take some measures to protect that from happening again," said Wilbert.

"These footballs are condensed in an area where there are several bars condensed and foot traffic, will be letting out when the bar close," said Lt. Ben Henderson, Pittsburg Police Department.

During the July 4th weekend, a statue sitting in front of the Break Bar was pushed over. A couple days later, handmade butterflies on top of a football on 5th Street were taken off.  

"Hopefully by spreading these out several blocks, that they will be less of a temptation for somebody who wishes to do harm to them, to actually have access and ability to do that," said Lt. Henderson.   

Pittsburg Downtown District Coordinator Jeff Wilbert says the statues will be placed where he thinks is the safest place on each block.  

"We know that the merchants have said that they've seen the foot traffic increase. So these isolated incidents aren't going to run what the Southeast Kansas Art Fest does. We're going to be sure that they're out for people to enjoy," said Wilbert. 

Wilbert says even with the vandalism taking place, there was no thought to take the football statues off Broadway. The relocation will start at 7 a.m. and should be done by the afternoon.

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