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Quapaw Fire Station Vandalism

After a devastating tornado damaged the Quapaw Fire Station in April, vandals have broken in and ransacked the property. The fire station was already severely damaged by the recent tornado, but the people who broke in have only made things worse.
QUAPAW, OK.--- At 11:30 this morning, the Quapaw Fire Chief headed to the station. When he arrived at the office, he found all of the drawers open and items scattered around. Quapaw's police chief says the break-in only adds insult to injury.  

"It's kind of like one of those deals, kicking somebody while they're down. That's kind of how we feel," said Chief Gary Graham, Quapaw Police. 

Almost two months after an EF-2 tornado heavily damaged the Quapaw Fire Station, volunteer staff are now forced to cleanup after vandals ransacked their office. 

"Somebody got in one of the doors, through a small opening in the door. And just opening up cabinets and drawers. Vandalism more than anything," said Chief Graham. 

Quapaw Police Chief Gary Graham says nothing was stolen.

"They find that everything is accounted for," he said. 

However, more work has been created for the fire crew.

"All the cabinet doors open, stuff laid out, thrown down on the floor, trash dumped. You know, trash that had been in there in the trash can, just dumped out," he said.

Chief Graham suspects that children are responsible for the vandalism because the entry way, which was originally blocked with a truck, only allowed the door to open six to eight inches.

"It's just irritating with everything that's happened, and you know with the tornado and everything, that people would still do this," he said.

Staff will now pack up the remainder of the items and supplies and place them in storage.

"We are learning to have to deal with a lot of unfortunate things lately and this is just added to the list," said Chief Graham. 

In the next week or two, the current structure will be demolished for rebuilding. However, with demolition so close, they are already looking forward to a new fire station.

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