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Pittsburg Micropolitan Area Economic Report

It's a report the Kelce College of Business put together in December and provides information on economic growth.
PITTSBURG, KS.--- Pittsburg State University is providing the city of Pittsburg with business statistics. It's a report the Kelce College of Business put together in December and provides information on economic growth. The report will help the city in future developments by bringing in businesses by focusing on the current demographics and needs of the area. As Pittsburg officials plan to redevelop the area, some residents have suggestions on what they would like to see. 

"A recreation center maybe, something for the kids. You know between eight and sixteen years old, a place for kids to go," said Kevin Lloyd, Pittsburg Resident. 

"More things for teenagers to do, because I know in a lot of these small towns, you have teenagers who have nothing to do," said Courtney Cannisi, Travels to Pittsburg.

The Kelce College of Business at PSU came out with the Pittsburg Micropolitan Area Economic Report in December. It offers facts about economic and property trends in the area.  

"This economic report is great information, demographic information about our community that we previously did not have access to," said Blake Benson, Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce President.
The quarterly report will follow statistics like job growth and household incomes. It will be used to identify needs of growth in the area and bring in more business.  

"Information is what businesses thrive on. We all say we have great communities, but to be able to back that up with statistical data is really important to businesses because they are making decisions based on those numbers," said Benson.

The goal of the report is to bring in more jobs and more money to the city.

"Take that information and not only show it to prospective new businesses, this is great information for our existing businesses to have as they make their plans for growth into the future," said Benson. 

The idea for the report came in the fall of 2012 when city officials met to discuss redeveloping the area. Benson says the city is currently quote "under served" in restaurants and these statistics will help in determining what restaurants may be best for a strong college community.

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