Pittsburg Lego Brick Building Event

Pittsburg Lego Brick Building Event

Pittsburg's 9th Annual Paint the Town Red is getting elementary kids involved with university school spirit.
PITTSBURG, KS.--- The 9th Annual Paint the Town Red event is bringing the community together through all ages. 

"We have this every year, it's coordinated by the Pittsburg Chamber and we have started this new event this year. We've partnered with LEGO Education to bring a special project to the second grade classrooms in the USD 250 and Saint Mary's Colgan," said Anna Gudde, Pittsburg Chamber.

This is Lego's first time for the Lego Brick Building Event.

"Anna from the Chamber approached us and asked us if we wanted to kind of corporate on something that would be a good fit for classroom use, but also you know promoting Paint the Town Red and build community spirit," said Ashlei Bockover, Lego represenitive.

The kids took a large box filled with Lego's and turned it into a story.

"They're writing a story. It's called 'Gus Goes to school.' And they're building a Lego display to go along with it and it's really fun to see how creative the students can be," said Gudde. 

Students at Saint Mary Elementary School had lots of fun building their story. 

"We had to build the slide, a sandbox, a gorilla pit," said Lauren O'Brien, student. 

"I was in the classroom. And we built, where Gus' school was and desk, and a teacher's board," said Blake Wilkes, student. 

Each Lego model will be on display at Pitt State's pep rally tomorrow night. 

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