Pittsburg Idol Audition

Pittsburg Idol Audition

Dozens of singers flock to the Little Balkans Days festival in hopes of becoming Pittsburg's next idol.
PITTSBURG, KS---Auditions for the annual singing competition, Pittsburg Idol, were held today. Contestants ranged from ages 5 to 17 and came from places as far as Wichita. Pittsburg Recreation Superintendent Sara Mitchell says this event allows people to showcase their musical talent and combining this with the Balkan Days festival helps bring in a large crowd. 13-year-old contestant Megan Spiers who sang "all of me" by John Legend says she enjoys singing and having big social events in the town.

"It's just really fun because you get to go out there and you get to do what your proud of doing and let other people see it." Said Megan Spiers, 13-year-old Contestant.

 "Who doesn't love a live entertainer, you know it's great. And, it's important for the kids, I really think that they make friends. Believe it or not they come even though they might be competing they're making friends while their doing it too." Said Sara Mitchell, Recreation Superintendent for Pittsburg Parks and Recreation.

Three judges will select about one third of the contestants to move on to the final round in a few weeks.

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